Small Groups

Our Small Groups are a place to grow in God's Church through building long-term relationships. Connecting with others, studying and applying God's Word, and having fun is what our Small Groups are about.

  • Mondays

    10:00am Coffee For Moms (Becca 801-1621)

    6:00pm Chester Small Group (Bob 816-0500)

    7:00pm Men's Bible Study Group (Nick 259-5985)

  • Tuesdays

    6:00am Early Riser Men's Study Group (Joe 258-2276)

    10:30am Morning Prayer Group (John 375-0440)

    7:00pm North Shore Small Group (John 596-4907)

  • Wednesdays

    6:30pm Bailey Creek Small Group (Gary 596-4651)

  • thursdays

    8:00am Men's Breakfast @ Cravings in Chester (Larry 596-4673)
    5:00pm West Shore Small Group (Jeri 259-4171)
    7:00pm Chester Women'a Small Group (Aletha 258-3985)

  • Fridays

    7:00am Men's Breakfast @ Kopper Kettle (Larry 259-4171)

  • Start A new Group?

    Can't find a group to attend at the right time of the week?
    Call Pastor John @ (530) 375-0440 to discuss opportunities to start a new one.