Weekend Update

Paul Bernard  02/25/21

Howdy all!
Here are some things you’ll want to know!
I’m looking forward to being with you all again this weekend!  Can’t wait to see you.  For the past couple of weeks, the Lord has been putting a message on my hearts for you this Sunday!  As with last week, I hope you come full of expectation and openness to what God would teach us through His word!  He’s so good to us and I’ll share that with you on Sunday.  We’re at that famous part in the story of Elijah where he “passes the mantle” to Elisha.  Read 1st Kings 19:19-21.
We'll see you at 9:30 either online or in-person!  (Sermon notes attached.)
We are so excited to announce that our AWANA program will be starting up again in early March!  We could use some extra helpers to listen to verses and some other little jobs.  Contact Pastor Matt at matt@lakechurch.life.
We’ll be having baptisms on Easter Sunday.  Can you think of a more specialy way to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus than to be baptized into Christ?  Contact Pastor Paul to set it up!  (paul@lakechurch.life)
We’re re-launching our Men’s Breakfasts here at LACC on March 6!  9:00 to 10:30!  Full Biscuits and Gravy breakfast with all the fixin’s!  Also, we’re giving away two of Pastor Paul’s handmade Railroad Spike Knives at our first meeting!  Save the date and join us for a great morning!
Ponderosa (grades 9-12) will be July 4-10.  Wagon Train (grades 4-6) and Meadow Ranch (Jr. High) will be July 25th to 31st.  The cost for Hume Lake this year is $650.00  The Deposit is $150.00.  Talk to Pastor Matt to sign-up!
Lots of things coming up for Jr. and Sr. High School ministry!

  • SHASTA BLASTA: February 26-28. Winter camp is coming soon. $100 includes food, transportation, lodging, and lift ticket.  All Jr & Sr high students are welcome. Scholarships available. Sign up today!
  • MEXICO 2021: April 4-11. We are taking students down to visit Mexico to learn more about what God is up to and to build shelters for families in need. We still need a few more students to sign up. Talk to Matt or one of the other student ministry leaders to find out more details. Cost will depend on team size and our fundraising efforts. Next team meeting is February 16th at 6 p.m. at LACC

Lake Almanor Christian School is looking for new school board members and is even looking to hire a few positions for next year.  Please contact Bruce Puhl at 530-260-1396 for more information.

Join us as we join together online for worship and the word!

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