Our Elders

"An elder must live a blameless life. He must be faithful to his wife,  and his children must be believers who don’t have a reputation for being wild or rebellious. A church leader is a manager of God’s household, so he must live a blameless life. He must not be arrogant or quick-tempered; he must not be a heavy drinker, violent, or dishonest with money. Rather, he must enjoy having guests in his home, and he must love what is good. He must live wisely and be just. He must live a devout and disciplined life. He must have a strong belief in the trustworthy message he was taught; then he will be able to encourage others with wholesome teaching and show those who oppose it where they are wrong."  Titus 1:6-9

  • Joe Waterman- Elder Chair

  • Nick Smith- Vice Chair

    Carol and I have been married for 46 years and have two children, Lori 37, and Nicholas 34. We have three grandchildren. We purchased our home in Lake Almanor in 2006 and moved here full-time in 2014 when I retired from practicing dentistry for 38 years. I served the Central Church of Christ in Stockton for over 30 years as a deacon and elder. I look forward to continuing to serve in various ministries and as an elder at our new church home.

  • ERic O'Kelley

  • Bob Satterfield

  • Dennis Williams

    Mary and I have been attending LACC since 1990 when we moved here full time. I have attended church most of my life having been born into a Christian home. I have served in many different positions in various churches and am now serving as an elder. It is a privilege to work with the many people who server our Lord at LACC.

  • Dan foos

    I grew up in a loving family with strong moral and ethical standards yet had no knowledge or understanding of spiritual things. While on leave from the Army I dated this young lady who invited me to Church. I had the feeling that it wouldn’t be right to go to Church just because I wanted to be with her so I said no thanks. Later back on post in Arizona I decided to go to a service to see what it was all about. It was there I felt God’s leading and responded to an alter call and accepted Christ as my savior. My life was changed forever on that day. I married that young lady and we have been on a wonderful journey through God’s grace and forgiveness from that time on. 

  • Steve Brown