Global Outreach

The Global Outreach team meets monthly on the 2nd Sunday of each month. Our Global Outreach team coordinates support and information about the missionaries in the field that LACC supports. 

Contact: Donna Foos, 596-4212

  • Alan and Diane Mezger (ARM MINISTRIES)

    Alan was the first pastor at LACC before he went to the mission field. Now, 20 years later, two of his children are full time with him. They serve as consultants and church planting in Europe, Africa and Asia, as well as sending short-term groups to Mexico during the summer. Visit their web at

  • Phil and Elizabeth Payne (INTERNATIONAL TEAMS)

    The Payne’s have been in Quito, Ecuador since February 1999 working with Youth World training youth workers and taking short-term groups to the jungle of Ecuador to see the miracles God has done with the native groups. Visit them at

  • Mike and Laurie Brast (CAMPUS CRUSADE)

    Mike is director of travel and visas for the International Schools Projects, a part of Campus Crusades. This project coordinates volunteers with trips to the former Soviet Union to distribute Christian-based morals and ethics curriculum at elementary and secondary campuses. These two-week projects are coordinated through his office to reach countries like the Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus and Mongolia. If you are interested in reading more visit

  • Larry and Ellen Amundson (ATHLETES IN ACTION)

    Larry is very busy with various international events, making sure the Gospel is presented to athletes around the world. He participates in every winter and summer Olympics, provides video and materials in many languages to almost 70 countries. To read about Larry and his ministry visit

  • Donald and Martha Hart

  • Pilgrim (KNIS) Radio

    Our mission is to establish and operate radio stations and related media facilities for the purpose of advancing a program of Christian education using an artful blend of music and Scripture, simulating instruction, interesting guests, and great books, all done in the public interest. Strength for the Journey can be found on 99.7.

  • Joel and Virginia Cook (AWANA)

    The Cooks serve with Mike & Becky Sexton as co-Awana missionaries for the Northern California and Northern Nevada areas. The Awana program has a great impact on the youth of this nation as well as other countries around the world. It's our privilege to serve with them in equipping the youth with the Gospel of Christ.

  • Robin and Terri Cook (SPORTS AMBASSADORS)

    Sports Ambassadors is a ministry of Overseas International (OS) that uses basketball in third world countries to share the life-giving message of Jesus to the unreached. Three of the five Cook families have been involved with teams around the world over the past several summers. Cooks are the longest supported LACC missionaries. Check their website at

  • Donna Welch (SIM-USA, FLORIDA)

    Donna retired at SIM Retirement Center in Sebring Florida. She visits our church annually, updating us on her ministry to the retired. Donna can be contacted through

  • Casa de Fe & Patti Sue Arnold

    Casa de Fe is an orphanage started by Patti Sue Arnold. What started as a Missionary serving in Ecuador having a handicapped baby left on her door steps has now turned into this wonderful facility that lovingly raises over sixty two children most of them with some sort of handicap.


    CMML is a faith based non-profit missionary service to Brethren Assembly missionaries from the US and other countries. Phil and Jan have a special gift of encouragement for married couples, especially those living in foreign countries. Check them out at