Lake Almanor Christian School

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In the meantime, information about our school can be obtained by:

  • Calling us at 530-596-4100 extensions 116 or 117
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  • Or, texting us at 530-350-5911


To provide an excellent, non-denominational, Christian education that is uncompromising in truth by nurturing students and instilling a desire in them to impact their world for Christ. 



We desire to be in partnership with families, churches, and communities to… 

• Nurture students to become lifelong followers of Christ

• Provide academic excellence

• ultimately equipping Christians who will impact our world.


The cornerstones are:

  • Nurturing

    We are careful to nurture your child’s spirit through daily instruction from the Bible, and by modeling a Christian lifestyle in all aspects of our day. The Christian values of a love for all, kindness, patience, compassion, forgiveness, honesty and humility are among those taught and emphasized.

  • educating

    We teach children to pursue academic excellence and hard work. Our learning objectives are challenging.  We teach children to approach learning with curiosity and excitement while living on that edge of “hard fun” (learning is sometimes a challenge- but meeting the challenge can be fun and rewarding).

  • impacting

    We teach students that our lives are most fulfilled when we learn to serve others without expecting anything in return.  We practice this by looking for opportunities to help each other and our community.

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2610 Highway A-13, 
Lake Almanor, Ca 96137

P: +1 530 596 4100
F: +1 530 596 4682