Our Staff

  • Matt Jensen- Lead pastor

    Born and raised in Lancaster California. By the grace of God, Matt grew up going to church because his mom took him (sometimes against his will). God opened his eyes to the gospel sometime around Junior High. He had heard the good news repeatedly for years. Due to the collective efforts of his mom, Sunday school teachers, and preachers at church he was awakened and responded in faith by asking for forgiveness and trusting Christ for salvation. He experienced the gospel that is the power of God for salvation for all who believe (Romans 1:16). He began serving in youth group when he was about 15 and this led to full time ministry as a youth pastor after college. He and his wife Marlo were married in 1993 and then served in Youth Ministry together for about 14-15 years (11 of these here at LACC). They became members of Lake Almanor Community Church in 1995. Along the way they had two awesome children, Mikala and Nicolas. They just recently returned from about 7 1/2 years in Ecuador where we served at Youth World as some of LACC's missionaries. They are glad to be back home and love serving the church in any way they can.

    Phone: 530-596-3683 x105

  • John Erickson- Worship Pastor/elder

    Born in Los Angeles, California, in August, 1960 , John was raised in a Spokane, Washington in a Christian  home. His musical training started at age 6 with involvement in the Salvation Army brass band. He played the baritone, alto and coronet.  In 1969, he committed his life to following and serving Jesus. During his Junior and High School years John sang in multiple choirs and began playing rhythm guitar, his primary instrument. John joined the Navy right out of high school and met his lovely wife Debra while serving at Mare Island Naval Shipyard as a teacher of Advanced Electronics.  He married Debra on December 21, 1985. After leaving the Navy in 1993 John served as the full-time Associate/Worship Pastor at Crossroads Christian Church in Vacaville, CA.  During that time he graduated from Pacific Union College in 2000 with a Bachelor of Sciences degree in Business Leadership. In April of 2000, he was called to Lake Almanor Community Church in the beautiful mountains of Northern California as the Associate/Worship Pastor. John and Debra have two children Virginia, and Benjamin.  Debra has a lung disease call Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF) and is waiting for a new set of lunches.  SCAN THE QR CODE ON OUR PICTURE TO FIND OUT MORE or CLICK HERE.

    Phone: 530-596-3683 x106

  • kevin kassel-Youth pastor/Elder

    Kevin was born in Chico California in 1971. He attended the Neighborhood church as a child and was baptized in Chico creek at about 8 yrs old. He was raised by a God fearing, loving mother. He had the privilege of attending LACC in the firehouse as a child. Kevin spent 4yrs with Paul Bernard in youth ministry and has volunteered in Sunday school, and most recently in the AWANA program as a cubbies leader. After serving as the maintenance man for 10 years he has recently ordained as a pastor and now serves as the Youth Pastor.

    CONTACT: Kevin Kassel

    Phone: 530-596-3683

    Email: kevin@lakechurch.life

  • chloe monday- Children's ministry coordinator

    CONTACT Chloe Monday

    Phone: 530-596-3683 x103

    Email: Chloe@lakechurch.life

  • Sarah Smith- office coordinator

    Sarah was born and raised in Chester and grew up in a Christian home.  She participated in youth group here at LACC throughout her high school years. (with Pastor Matt!)  After graduating from Chester High School in 2002, she moved to Reno, Nv for college. Sarah received her B.A. in Business and Communications from the University of Nevada Reno in 2008. After college, she moved back to Chester (for what she thought would be a short period of time) to decide how she would like to use her degree. While here, she met her husband and began bookkeeping for their small business. They are now raising two adorable, red headed boys who challenge Sarah to adventure, adrenaline, and almost constant chaos. Sarah is so grateful for the opportunity  to be able to serve the church as Office Coordinator. 

    CONTACT Sarah Smith

    Phone: 530-596-3683 x101

    Email: sarah@lakechurch.life