LACS Academics & Enrichment

We teach children to pursue academic excellence and hard work. Our learning objectives are challenging.  We teach children to approach learning with curiosity and excitement while living on that edge of “hard fun” (learning is sometimes a challenge- but meeting the challenge can be fun and rewarding).

  • All subjects at Lake Almanor Christian School are taught with a biblical worldview, but our students are given the opportunity to expand their knowledge of God’s love for them during bi-weekly Chapel.
  • Lake Almanor Christian School is the only private school in the area to offer an on-site library. Students spend time with our three librarians every week discovering books tailored to their reading level.
  • Students have guided access to our computer lab, where they practice computer skills tailored to their curriculum.
  • Mr. Julien Howe teaches Art enrichment to our students once a week! 
  • Ms. Leanna Daughtry teaches Home Ec to our High School Students where they learn to sew, cook, and craft!