Faculty and Staff

Administrative – The responsibility of the school’s daily operation is a delegated function of the acting administrator, who carries out and effects school policies. 


Teachers – The training and instruction of all students is the responsibility of the teachers. 


Parents Involvement – We believe that parents are the first line educators of their children. We seek to work together with parents in training up their children. Parents are encouraged to volunteer time, upon administrative approval, to assist in the classroom or facilitate extra curricular activities. We are phasing in a program of mandatory parent volunteers in order to increase chances of student success, and to help keep the operational costs of the school low and in turn passing the savings on in the form of lower tuition. 


Lake Almanor Christian School Board – Board members are approved by the church elders and are Christian parents, educators, and community members. The school board will oversee school policies, philosophies, curriculum choices, future direction and staffing. 



    Mrs. Johnson continues with us from our aide last year and is now our teacher for K-2 with a strength in art, and has strong leadership in the classroom to teach the children to work together and grow individually.  

  • Mr. tyler Johnson 3-8th grade teacher

    Mr. Johnson is an LACS Alumni and his ambition and love for literature and history are great strengths to our academics. With his experience in martial arts and drama bring excitement to the students physical and creative sides for his second year in teaching our 3-8th grades. 

  • mrs. kay kattke

  • mrs. megan aman teachers aide

    Mrs. Aman's primary goal is to set an example of respect, kindness and love to each other and to their teachers as Jesus would. On breaks she encourages them to eat their lunch, play safely as well as helping the teachers in all areas in the classroom that are needed.

  • mr. ted Parker Teachers Aide

    Mr. Parker has already implemented positive reinforcement activities with our 3rd through 8th grade class room, that have shown success as a team with Mr. Johnson.  

    As a pastor's son and his own Christian school background led him to seek out serving in Christian education and missionary environments. These experiences fall into line with our LACS vision. 

  • mrs. jeri Kendrick principal emeritus

    Mrs. Kendrick continues her passion at LACS as our retired Principal Emeritus this year.  We are so grateful for her 4th year of many gifts and love for upholding our Christian education foundation, warm heart for children, and continuous giving of her time!  

  • mrs. Nicole grant registrar

    Mrs. Grant continues with us for her third year as our Secretary/Registrar with ambition to serve the school anywhere possible. She loves children, fixes bumps and bruises and is the phone greeter and the general all around ‘holding us together’ person.