Faculty and Staff

Administrative – The responsibility of the school’s daily operation is a delegated function of the acting administrator, who carries out and effects school policies. 


Teachers – The training and instruction of all students is the responsibility of the teachers. 


Parents Involvement – We believe that parents are the first line educators of their children. We seek to work together with parents in training up their children. Parents are encouraged to volunteer time, upon administrative approval, to assist in the classroom or facilitate extra curricular activities. We are phasing in a program of mandatory parent volunteers in order to increase chances of student success, and to help keep the operational costs of the school low and in turn passing the savings on in the form of lower tuition. 


Lake Almanor Christian School Board – Board members are approved by the church elders and are Christian parents, educators, and community members. The school board will oversee school policies, philosophies, curriculum choices, future direction and staffing. 


  • Mrs. Jeri Kendrick- Principal

    Mrs. Jeri Kendrick is a retired Christian School teacher with 20 years of First grade; 10 or more years as an administrator and college professor and director of Elementary Education certification at Moody Bible Institute. She has a MA in Special Education. She loves all students and finds joy in watching them learn and grow; encouraging teachers is a deep passion of hers. She is a wife of 53 years and a grandmother to 7. She enjoys crafts, especially card stamping and reading.

  • Mrs. beth Foster- Administrative Assistant

  • mrs. Isabel Barrett- Kindergarten-1st grade teacher

    Mrs. Isabel Barrett and her husband moved to Plumas County in 2017 from Sacramento. In her words, "Teaching Kindergarten and First Grade is an absolute blessing. The students are so excited to learn, it is my commitment to foster their love of education. I am very grateful that our Lord led me to this opportunity. I have a passion for gardening, cooking and reading. My favorite verse is Esther 4:14, it reminds me that our Lord prepares us for unseen opportunities to do His Will in ways we could never imagine."

  • Miss Courtney Collins- K-1 Classroom Aide

    Miss Courtney Collins assists in the Kindergarten and First Grade Classroom. She has spent the last few years in the area. Miss Collins helps us incorporate sign language in the classroom! 

  • Mrs. Barbara Puhl- 2-4th grade Teacher

    Mrs. Puhl is a longtime Chester resident who enjoys the outdoors, bicycling, and travel. She delights in the joy and energy of the 2-4 grade students ~ and recognizes more than just a few of their parents from her many years with Plumas Unified School District. Mrs. Puhl counts it a blessing to be part of the LACS family.

  • Mrs. Jenny Ragan- 2-4th Grade Teacher

  • Mrs. Maria Maumoynier 5-8th Grade Teacher

    I have been returning to the Almanor Basin since the summer of 2002 where I worked every single summer! I quickly fell in love with the area and knew it would one day be my forever home.   My husband is a Chester native and soon after we got married we relocated here in the spring of 2008.  We have raised our 5 beautiful children and are grateful for the opportunities it has presented itself. After a long banking career I knew it was time for change. God works in mysterious ways and here I have joyfully embraced God's gifts!  I'm beyond blessed to be here and know that each day I'm being given an opportunity to love God's children and lead them in the right direction.

     "I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength." Philippians 4:13

  • Mr. Ron Outland 5-8th Grade Classroom Aide

    Ron Outland grew up in Wyoming, where he was a cowboy! He became a Christian through his church at about 9 or 10 years old. He asked Jesus to be his Lord and Savior. Mr. Outland served in the Navy and then went to college! He graduated, got married and went to Bible School. After that, he got his teaching credential and taught in Chester and Westwood until he retired. Since then, he has been doing some part-time teaching because he enjoys teaching and likes the kids. 

  • mrs. Lee Eckert Librarian

    Mrs. Lee Eckert truly enjoys working with LACS students and staff along with Julie Outland and now winter seasonal - Deanna Welsh. They work together as a team toward the students’ library knowledge and enjoyment of reading along with some history knowledge. Mrs. Eckert is a retired School Librarian – mostly at Chester Jr/Sr High School and a couple of semesters with a split day at CHS & CES. Out PTFA has become so supportive of the library which benefits directly and even not so directly, helping our purchase of book supplies, and we appreciate them so much. The librarians are open to parent’s involvement such as reading one of our books for a class or sharing a positive memory of a library experience. Thank you for your encouragement and support for the only private school library in the area.

  • mrs. Julie Outland

    Julie Outland is one of your friendly volunteer librarians, with Lee Eckert, at the Lake Almanor Christian School library – up the steep stairway to heaven, above the kitchen.  They catalogue books on the computer and in the library.   They read stories to school children, teach them library skills, and check out books.  They keep the library cheery, decorated and welcoming to students.